Trotter Road Weekly Construction Project Updates

City contractor David Nelson Construction has started construction on the Trotter Road Community Street project on March 5, 2018 and construction will last approximately 18 months in-order to reconstruct the Trotter Road right of way from 8th Avenue SW to Hillsdale Avenue. Trotter Road will be closed to the general public for the entire duration of construction.

• A detour plan has been created to provide thru traffic a dedicated route during construction.

• The contractor has placed advanced detour signs along 8th Avenue SW, Dryer Road, and South of Hillsdale Drive.

• Two (2) info signs have also been place on both ends of the project with info regarding road closures and detours.

• Construction staff will be on site to help direct local traffic as needed and will distribute detour maps to drivers upon request. During the course of construction full and one lane road closure will occur and will change on a day to day basis.

City of Largo Solid Waste Service Pick-Up (garbage) is Tuesday and Fridays, 6:30 to 6:45 a.m.  Area residents are asked to place their blue recycling receptables curbside the night before, or prior to 6:30 a.m., day of pick-up.

Every effort will be made to minimize impacts to the traveling public and property owners during the construction process, however short term interruptions to property access and utilities may occur. Notifications of these interruptions will be made whenever possible. Should you have any questions please contact Rafal Cieslak with the City of Largo at 727-587-6713 or David Nelson Construction at 727-784-7624.

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Attachment: Document - Detour Map

Attachment: Document - North Plan View (8th Avenue/ Trotter Road Intersection to 14th Avenue SW)


Trotter Road is an important segment of the City’s Community Street Network and a north-south segment within the City's Southwest Urban Trail Corridor. This exhibit shows the final design along Trotter Road from 8th Avenue to 14th Avenue SW. Trotter Road Reconstruction will include landscape median at select locations, 11 foot travel lanes, with 4-foot bike lanes, and 5-foot sidewalk on each side of the road, and curb drainage inlets. The final design includes textured pavement, traffic calming features, or gateway landscaping throughout the corridor. This exhibit presents the proposed roadway improvements for the length of the project with property addresses.


Attachment: Document - South Plan View (14th Avenue SW to 16th Avenue/ Trotter Road Intersection)


The existing roadway lacks bicycle facilities, has a narrow rural section with inadequate shoulder, and has substandard sidewalk and crosswalk facilities. This project will improve the bicycle and pedestrian level of service, and safety, through retrofits of a modified urban section, including: continuous bike lanes and sidewalks, streetscaping and hardscape elements, landscaping, curbing, and stormwater curb inlets, and intersection improvements. This exhibit presents the proposed roadway improvements for the length of the project with property addresses.


Attachment: Document - Hardscape Exhibits (Typical Cross Section and Intersection Enhancements)


The goal of the Trotter Road project is to create a Community Street that provides a safe and efficient route from neighborhoods to local destinations. Traffic calming features such as landscaped medians, and textured pavement provide a method to reduce vehicular speeds and provide a safe environment for pedestrians and bicyclists. This exhibit presents Pre and Post Presentation of intersections at 8th Avenue / Trotter and the 16th Avenue / Trotter, and the proposed cross sections throughout the corridor.


Attachment: Document - Revised Bus Stop Locations


The Trotter Road project will accommodate growth by promoting use of transit and addressing deficient bicycle and pedestrian accommodations along the community street corridor. This exhibit identifies the location of all the existing and proposed bus stops. One bus stop was eliminated and one stop was consolidated due to low ridership.


Attachment: Document - Temporary Easements and Conflicts


The Trotter Road project will include new 11 foot drive lanes, adding bike lanes on both sides, and sidewalk. The proposed improvements will require all the driveway aprons along Trotter Road to be reconstructed. The City will need to coordinate with several residents to attain a temporary construction easement to resolve conflicts with existing drives ways and utilities.


Check for current project updates and road closures. View Detour Map

Construction is ongoing along the entire length of the Trotter Road project (8th Avenue SW to Hillsdale Avenue) Monday through Friday, 7:00 am until 5:00 pm. Construction will continue for the next 16 months. Trotter Road will remain closed for the duration of the project. Please note this construction, and the intermittent shut-down of reclaimed water, will continue for the length of the project and we apologize for any inconveneience this may cause. Weekly construction updates are available on the City website and

Full road closures are in effect for:

* Trotter Road

* 10th Avenue SW

* 11th Avenue SW

* 12th Avenue SW

* 13th Avenue SW

* Adrian Avenue

* Hillsdale Avenue

* 17th Avenue SW

* 18th Avenue SW

Elyria Avenue, Nolan Avenue and Sunny Breeze are partially open (local traffic only). Questions can be directed to Rafal Cieslak or Barry Westmark at 727.587.6713.