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Projects are a collection of communication elements on this site and allow LoveLargoFL.com to gather public input using a variety of channels - Forums, Discussions, Meetings, and Surveys. Weigh-in on a larger initiative in your community by participating in an online Project.

The existing roadway on Trotter Road lacks bicycle facilities, has a narrow rural section with inadequate shoulder, and substandard sidewalk and crosswalk facilities. This project will improve bicycle and pedestrian traffic and safety, through a modification of continuous bike lanes and sidewalks, streetscaping and hardscape elements, landscape, curbing, stormwater retrofits to remove pollutants from stormwater runoff, and intersection improvements. The project will also include improvements to the roadway drainage and underground sewer utility infrastructure due to age and condition, as well as, to accommodate the transportation improvements and traffic calming features. The City would like to hear your feedback and ideas for the Trotter Road project. We appreciate your input!

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The West Bay Drive Trail Head project will improve connection points from areas adjacent to the Pinellas Trail, from Washington Avenue SW to 4th Avenue NW. The improvements will be made to beautify the trailhead with amenities, signage, landscaping and more. During the December 15th meeting, the City would like to share the final design of the trail head and obtain feedback on the proposed type of recreational amenities for this improved public space.

District Improvements will be made to infrastructure along community streets from Mehlenbacher Road to West Bay Drive between the Pinellas Trail and Clearwater Largo Road. The City has taken the public feedback regarding stormwater drainage, paving, community streets connectivity, and traffic calming and has developed a final design. The next step will be to introduce the final design at the meeting and accept comments on a traffic calming method proposed for the area.

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Trotter Road is an important segment of the City’s Community Street Network and a north-south segment within the City's Southwest Urban Trail Corridor. The Trotter Road Community Street Improvements project is programmed for construction in FY 2017 and will provide improvements to the roadway and drainage facilities within the Trotter Road Right-of-way from 8th Avenue SW to Hillsdale Avenue. At the August 24, 2017 Open House staff will provide an update to local residents, businesses, and property owners on the Trotter Road Community Streets project. The City would like to share the final design, project schedule, and construction impacts to the community. Below are exhibits detailing each part of the project. We appreciate your input!