Chad C about 2 years ago

First let me say that I do not work for Google or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries in anyway.

In this day and age we all know that internet is used for both business and entertainment. We also know what kind of grip cable companies have on us as residents in Pinellas County, i.e. Frontier Communications, Bright House, WOW, Sattelite TV, etc.

Why don't we bring in Google Fiber? They are currently talking to Tampa leaders right now and it is a great opportunity for us as one of the "Flagship" cities.

Additionally, this will add a competitor in our market and be a factor in helping us save money as consumers, possibly even create jobs if they require offices here.

I for one love having FiOS but let me tell you that the existing cable companies are gouging us. Google fiber offers 1000 mbps internet for $70 bucks a month...i pay $56 for 75 mpbs.

The residents and businesses will benefit from this in many other ways...please share to help make a change.

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I would like to nominate northwest Largo for a cleanup, especially the neighborhood located to the west of Bayhead Pond, including the park.

It appears we have a high concentration of sex-offenders, prostitutes, drug-users and alcoholics living in the old, dilapidated mobile home parks along and slightly behind Clw-Largo Road. Can the city offer incentives to redevelopment of these businesses somehow? Take a drive between 8th Ave. North and Rosery Road and count the prostitutes and drunks on any given day. Planting more flowers and installing better signage won't clean up the slums that exist in downtown Largo. Want to create a more vibrant, business-friendly and safe community? Get rid of the mobile home parks downtown.