Got home tonight and thought a car had it's high beams pointed on our house, then looked and realized it was a new hideous led street light the city installed. WHY? We HAD a nice quaint neighborhood where you could sleep in your house without blacking windows out. We do not have traffic other than the neighbors so no good reason for these at all. These are proven to NOT be good for people. My goodness there's a reason nature gives us day and night - not 24 hours of daytime. Increased bugs now, and seriously we will now need to black out all windows in order to sleep. Ridiculous and proven to not be good for people, in fact other cities are now starting to remove them. Please be one of them.

Recall the local officials who DO NOT listen to the people therefore do not uphold their Oath of Office, as in the case of the proposed zip line and the ones on the Largo City Commission as well as the Mayor who totally discounted what the people said. Stop asking for the citizens to be involved if your not going to listen to a word they say, but only listen to those who agree with has already been planned (and behind the citizen's backs). "Their voices in the end amounted to zip"

I would like to submit a thought that people adhere to some common sense, if that is possible, and limit setting off fire works at the seemingly appropriate times. Like the early evening of July fourth. I have always been of the idea that we had or have a decent noise ordinance which kicked in around ten or ten thirty. Evidently in this insane day and age anything goes. You get into the month of July and off go the nightly fireworks, before the fourth, during and for night after night. What's with these mental midgets that want to hear explosions night after night and the ones in government that allow it. They even condone the lying of people to sign papers to the effect that they have a license to blow things up. Just wondering out loud.

Please put some kind of sound barrier up at the Highland Recreation Center Aquatic center, (or perhaps physically put the speakers lower on the poles) the sound from the speakers at the pool is extremely loud and the noise trajectory is directly at the neighboring "community" homes that live near-by. We have asked ever since the recreation center was built but still no one has addressed it. Even Largo Police have said something should be done. PLEASE address this issue. Thank you.

I feel for the local business that have to deal with the loss of patrons because no one wants to turn into mud puddle to enter. The wear and tare on the vehicles from the poor road conditions. I had to have my front end aligned 3 times this year. So before we embark on new adventures I'd like to see some completed. Ulmerton has been under construction since 2005.

Idea: Traffic Flow

John Barney about 3 years ago

Please fix the light timing on East/West Bay Dr. It seems as though they are based on a camera system that judges volume, which I believe could be improved upon. In my morning commute I typically hit 7 of the 11 traffic lights from my house to 19 via East Bay. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes to do that 5 mile commute. Timing the lights would keep traffic flow moving and reduce fuel waste at all the red lights. Major city all over this country time their lights to keep the flow moving and it is very possible here. All in all, Largo is a great city to live in. Thank you.