Elizabeth W about 2 years ago

I have been a long time resident of Largo. One thing I have noticed is that the city has been going downhill in its appearance each year. I live on 138th Street and would like to know if the concrete wall on the south side of 126th Ave as you drive in from Indian Rocks Road can be repaired and painted. We tried to sell our house twice and both times the comments to our realtor mentioned that driving onto our street they didn't like the filthy look of that wall. I think the city is just looking very dirty in areas that can be cleaned up. Thank you.


Plant fruit trees in parks, along walkways, bike paths, and bus stops. Make it visually beautiful by creating trellises, topiaries, and espalier trees. The trees offer shade and a quick snack for Largo residents on the go. Avocados, Grapes, Blueberries, Cherries. . .

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Jane Smith over 3 years ago

An open running track. Sidewalks are hard on shoes and knees. Or work with schools to open them after hours and weekends. I just want to run without worrying about dog walkers, strollers or cars. Nature trails present the issue of tree roots. We have so many parks with tennis courts, baseball/softball fields and basketball courts. Runners want love too! Try putting tennis courts in the middle instead of a football field. The cushioned surface of a real track would be so much better than our less than perfect sidewalks.

A drive along Clearwater-Largo Road, between Belleair Road and West Bay, will reveal a lot about the squalid condition of downtown Largo. Frequent travelers will not only see prostitutes on the sidewalks and inebriated residents stumbling along, they will recognize the "regulars" who live nearby. A rather new addition to this pool of Largo regulars has been the chronic homeless. Since St. Petersburg chased them out, their numbers in Largo have swelled and the Police are doing little about it. Until the dilapidated mobile home parks along Clearwater-Largo Road are re-developed, downtown Largo will continue to be known as the place to go for drugs, a cheap room to rent and a "good time". It is quite discouraging.