Jacob Ofei 12 months ago

I hate being at home whenever I try to make things like a video game in Alice2 or creating concept designs of products and electronics I want to one day make. The reason for this is because I alone in this. No one in my family would understand how it works. I don’t know many people that live near me that can understand my hobbies and build on them with me. I know that I’m not alone on this. Living in Largo for all of these years, I have seen people that want to make, create, and innovate. I think Largo needs a Makerspace aka Hackerspace. Youth and adults could all start projects like a robotics team, learn to program, or even just have fun playing videogames such as Overwatch together. A place where DIY and the arts could flourish. Music of all types may it be old school hand and instrument or drumpads and FLStudio. Content creators who can work together to make amazing films and YouTube videos. A place of education and fun. I think that’s what we need in this city to promote the arts and STEM concepts. I know that many places around town have some of these things like this, (Example: Largo Library IdeaLab) but I think have an individualized building for the Hackerspace would be amazing. A great example of this would be Tampa Hackerspace.

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SW Rec Complex is over utilized and the golf course is under utilized. Consider reusing golf course as new or added recreation center. We could have a longer trail and other outdoor recreation amenities at the golf course. The portion of golf course fronting Ulmerton could be sold for commercial development to fund the project

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Instead of separate bike lanes and sidewalks, consider one wider multi- use trail. Most of the family riders are using sidewalks to be safe. The sidewalks are too narrow though. A wider multi use path on one side of Indian Rocks Rd would be great

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a lot of the things I and my grandkids enjoy would not exist - Heritage Village, The Botannical Gardens, Highland Rec - any place a kid spends over 3 hours without pestering about leaving is a winner!

The light show at the Botannical Gardens around the Christmas Holidays is truly amazing. As a learning and advice resource for my amateur gardening efforts has been insightful.

I'm a biker, using the Pinellas Trail is a no-brainer. It is smooth, safe and convenient. A great place to bike with wonderful places to stop along the way.

As I drive around Pinellas County I see some great public and safety facilities that I thought were paid for bt taxes... only to find out that Fire Stations, Training facilities, public buildings would not exist without Penny for Pinellas.

(Yeh, they should have been paid for out of taxes, but when the mantra is cut, cut cut, it's great that we've had a painless method of getting the monies we needed to create needed facilities for fun and safety!) Previous generations did it for us, we need to do it for our kids and grandkids.

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I have noticed many pedestrians that walk and run along the streets when it’s dark outside are very hard to spot. I think one solution to make the situation safer is for the city of Largo to provide reflective safety vests for purchase at convenient locations, such as the recreation centers and city park events. The reflective vests is good and cheaper (at http://www.chinareflective.com), and could be sold for a bit more, in order to be affordable for all that need them. This could be advertised in multiple places, such as in city buildings, and on the city’s social media pages.

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Idea: paint murals

James OGara over 1 year ago

sponsored by the city, paint murals on walls in public spaces. set up a volunteer panel to vet art and artists. private property? get permission from owner. public property? much easier.

artists contribute time? materials paid for by - donations? public finds? grants? other?

James OGara over 1 year ago

sponsored by the city, paint murals on walls in public spaces.
set up a volunteer panel to vet art and artists. private property? get permission from owner. public property? much easier.

artists contribute time? materials paid for by - donations? public finds? grants? other?

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Please put some kind of sound barrier up at the Highland Recreation Center Aquatic center, (or perhaps physically put the speakers lower on the poles) the sound from the speakers at the pool is extremely loud and the noise trajectory is directly at the neighboring "community" homes that live near-by. We have asked ever since the recreation center was built but still no one has addressed it. Even Largo Police have said something should be done. PLEASE address this issue. Thank you.

It would provide the perfect opportunity for local businesses to get started. Maintain an "All About Largo" theme as much as possible with no cheezy dollar stores. Food trucks could supply the eats. Local musicians, dancers, comedians and actors could entertain. Micro Brews and baked goods. Fruits, veggies,flowers and local honey. Fresh eggs! Talented craftspeoples could sell their wares. Fundraising car washes, All the folks that would truly appreciate the opportunity to get their own business off the ground, but can't afford paying ridiculous rent would surly be interested. Offer tables to local non-profits that help the community, Have a firetruck on display, K9 demos, Veteran Support groups, but wait there's more!!! Sincerely, Alexis Colman Perez

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There used to be a gate that opened pretty easily at both entrances. I know that it didn't keep the kids in 100% but as a parent it gave me a piece of mind. I would like to have those gates brought back.


Compost whatever yard waste you can and return it to the earth as a healthy, organic fertilizer. You can also compost some household waste and save it from going to landfills. Investigate this fully so that you do it properly. Good composting practices saves you the cost of fertilizer. This also saves the city the cost of disposing of it. Everybody wins.

largo resident about 3 years ago

Create a professional level Skate Park and BMX track. Similar parks have reported a decrease in crime and positive economic impact. Families bring their children, stay for lunch, and shop at local businesses. This is an opportunity to promote contests, attract professional skaters and advertise the Active Largo culture.

Downtown Largo should definitely be more pedestrian friendly. I also think there is an interest for it being golf cart friendly also. Considering how many people may not want to walk or drive but want to get to local spots more economically, safely, and leisurely. Residents and visitors would just need golf cart crossings and lanes as well as a safe access from surrounding neighborhoods (access that leads to downtown as well as Largo Central park.) Many cities in the bay area are already doing this and more will be following (ie. Dunedin, Pinellas Park)


The angle and directions of the intersection of Indian Rocks Road and Wilcox need to be redirected. It is difficult to get on Indian Rocks Road from Wilcox, especially in the 'season' as the angles don't allow you to look down the roads properly. A redesign, which could be a roundabout, would be very appropriate at the location.

Tom Henry over 3 years ago

This idea could enable the Largo Historical Society to further develop a very nice museum with exhibits describing the history of Largo. Merchants could be given an opportunity to support a specific exhibit, perhaps of general interest or pertinent to their business. In return for their support they would be given a plaque to display in their business, and a "window sign" so the public going past their would know of their support for Largo's History. The merchant would also have a rack for museum brochures. This idea would: 1. Show the merchant's pride to be doing business in Largo. 2. The "window sign" would give potential customers the incentive to support a merchant with pride their community. 3. It would enable the Historical Society to fund more exhibits at the "Old Feed Store". 4. This would also be another asset of the Largo community: Largo residents would bring their
out of town visitors. Largo merchants would benefit from their support of the museum. 5. Northern visitors would also have another amenity to draw them to Largo.

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