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Please put some kind of sound barrier up at the Highland Recreation Center Aquatic center, (or perhaps physically put the speakers lower on the poles) the sound from the speakers at the pool is extremely loud and the noise trajectory is directly at the neighboring "community" homes that live near-by. We have asked ever since the recreation center was built but still no one has addressed it. Even Largo Police have said something should be done. PLEASE address this issue. Thank you.

There used to be a gate that opened pretty easily at both entrances. I know that it didn't keep the kids in 100% but as a parent it gave me a piece of mind. I would like to have those gates brought back.

Taylor lake park needs some tlc. Install a splash pad for kids. Or a dog park

The soggy doggy day event is a great one and demonstrates there is very likely a market for it. I would pay $5 for an hour for my dog to go to such a place. It could have some tent shading for summertime and could mostly be shallow pools, sprinklers, and separate parts for big dogs (they could have a deeper pool) and little dogs. There are too many gators in the ponds around here for people to allow their water dogs to use them. Soggy Doggy Park could be a money maker!

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largo resident over 3 years ago

The fair features live vinyl-spinning DJs and has showcased live music, food carts, artists and other entertainment. Buy, sell, trade – new and used vinyl records plus a selection of used turntables. Check out a similar event online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USCda7R-B4o. Host independent record dealers, local record stores, music labels and an assortment of other music-related vendors.

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Let's break the record for the World's Largest Water Balloon Fight. Money raised from the sell of t-shirts could be donated to a local charity or project. See a similar event posted on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grnkCPxdTdU

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Plant fruit trees in parks, along walkways, bike paths, and bus stops. Make it visually beautiful by creating trellises, topiaries, and espalier trees. The trees offer shade and a quick snack for Largo residents on the go. Avocados, Grapes, Blueberries, Cherries. . .

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Add a Splash Pad to stay cool and colorful Obstacle Course to the Dog Park. Hurdles to jump over, tunnels and rings to run and jump through.


Bruce Lee & Chuck Norris Movie Marathon: 1. Enter the Dragon 2. Fist of Fury 3. Return of the Dragon

James Dean Movie Marathon 1. Giant 2. Rebel Without a Cause 3. East of Eden

Godzilla Movie Marathon 1. King Kong vs Godzilla 2. Godzilla vs the Thing 3. Godzilla King of the Monsters

1950’s & 1960’s Sci-Fi Movie Marathon 1. The Thing 2. The Incredible Shrinking Man 3. The Blob

Documentary Marathon 1. The Eyes of the River: Yakona 2. The True Cost of Agriculture: Food Chains 3. Where the Waste Goes: Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Classic Horror Movie Marathon 1. The Creature from the Black Lagoon 2. Attack of the 50 foot Woman 3. Attack of the Giant Leeches

Costumes welcome, food trucks, and vendors.

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Idea: Hammocks

largo resident over 3 years ago

Place Hammocks throughout the park for relaxing. Add an outdoor roller rink, bocce and shuffleboard court. Have a day dedicated to flying kites, picnics and games.

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