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We are on McKay Creek near the bridge at Hickory and Rosemary Drs. We were informed that the sewage contaminated soil that is dug out of the creek on Hickory will be stored or dumped on the empty lot on Hickory Dr. Is this true? We are not in favour of this as we are sure it will smell bad. How long will the earth be there?

Jane Smith over 3 years ago

An open running track. Sidewalks are hard on shoes and knees. Or work with schools to open them after hours and weekends. I just want to run without worrying about dog walkers, strollers or cars. Nature trails present the issue of tree roots. We have so many parks with tennis courts, baseball/softball fields and basketball courts. Runners want love too! Try putting tennis courts in the middle instead of a football field. The cushioned surface of a real track would be so much better than our less than perfect sidewalks.