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It appears we have a high concentration of sex-offenders, prostitutes, drug-users and alcoholics living in the old, dilapidated mobile home parks along and slightly behind Clw-Largo Road. Can the city offer incentives to redevelopment of these businesses somehow? Take a drive between 8th Ave. North and Rosery Road and count the prostitutes and drunks on any given day. Planting more flowers and installing better signage won't clean up the slums that exist in downtown Largo. Want to create a more vibrant, business-friendly and safe community? Get rid of the mobile home parks downtown.

It would provide the perfect opportunity for local businesses to get started. Maintain an "All About Largo" theme as much as possible with no cheezy dollar stores. Food trucks could supply the eats. Local musicians, dancers, comedians and actors could entertain. Micro Brews and baked goods. Fruits, veggies,flowers and local honey. Fresh eggs! Talented craftspeoples could sell their wares. Fundraising car washes, All the folks that would truly appreciate the opportunity to get their own business off the ground, but can't afford paying ridiculous rent would surly be interested. Offer tables to local non-profits that help the community, Have a firetruck on display, K9 demos, Veteran Support groups, but wait there's more!!! Sincerely, Alexis Colman Perez

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We have residents, some tenants, that have need of financial assistance towards the restoration of their homes and/or properties, especially in the way of retired persons mobile homes. Some of the people have become handicapped as the result of old age or serious car accidents, etc., that can no longer do the heavy lifting that property maintenance requires and no longer have the income necessary to hire others to do the work. The city has the equipment to facilitate property care and not at the outrageous, punitive prices that is assessed towards owners of neglected properties. In one case that I am trying to help out at the present, a lady used the last of her savings to purchase a small mobile home in a local MHP under the assumption that all it needed was some aesthetics. She was sold a lemon. She needs about $2500 in materials alone just to fix the cover-ups that the former owner used to cover up the damages and sell her the property. The trailer is borderline condemnable. This program is not for those who are obviously able to take care of themselves or make up for the shortcomings of their landlords. The program is to elevate the quality of life for the lower income residents, (exclusive of the freeloaders), and the overall aesthetic appearance of the city no matter where you go in it. Such a program would also elevate property values and protect home owner investments by not allowing neighborhoods to run down. It is an investment in community. Referrals could be made by social workers or contractors that stumble upon hardship cases or other Good Samaritans who become aware of somebody's hardships. Part of community policing is improving properties so as to discourage the inviting appearance of run down neighborhoods to the criminal elements of the community. Up kept properties entice community involvement and community pride and increase revenues for the community.

Paving Ulmerton Road and the new sidewalks.

Kathy Snead over 3 years ago

Add sidewalks along Indian Rocks Road from West Bay south to connect with sidewalks south of Adrian.

largo resident over 3 years ago

A Festival with local bands, performance art and colorful powder packets (similar to the color run). Participants chase and color each other with dry powder and colored water all while listening to their favorite bands. Check out a similar festival posted online. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hh-o5g4tLVE

Work with business owners and developers to build new store fronts that line the north side of 1st Ave. NW that face W. Bay Drive rather than lining W. Bay Drive. Once complete the new store fronts can be populated by the existing businesses. This will allow for much needed parking and create an area for Largo residence to congregate. Today this corridor is a pass thru for traffic and the limited parking is not conducive to supporting these business owners.

Downtown Largo should definitely be more pedestrian friendly. I also think there is an interest for it being golf cart friendly also. Considering how many people may not want to walk or drive but want to get to local spots more economically, safely, and leisurely. Residents and visitors would just need golf cart crossings and lanes as well as a safe access from surrounding neighborhoods (access that leads to downtown as well as Largo Central park.) Many cities in the bay area are already doing this and more will be following (ie. Dunedin, Pinellas Park)

Have a safe place where parents can take their teenagers and feel that their teens will be safe but will be able to socialize and have fun at the same time.

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The fire that destroyed the businesses in the early morning hours of July 5th left The Fireplace Restaurant, House of Shades, and Debbie's Hair and Salon with many displaced employees. I would like to see the community come together and help raise money through an event or donations to help the workers and owners. https://youtu.be/6J0nSBThs-Q

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