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Please try to come up with some other solution for the recycling issue.
Last year you charged us more for another recycling truck because you annex properties that can't cover the cost. Now you are going to charge us more again for recycling pick up that in all honesty will mostly end up in a dump or incinerator. So one day garbage, one day "recycle" is plenty.

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Practice new urbanism or traditional urbanism like in Winter Park, Florida, change zoning code to allow priority to pedestrians not cars and to allow to rebuilt the historic district. To allow a downtown to grow and attract tourism and everybody, to bring life back.

Got home tonight and thought a car had it's high beams pointed on our house, then looked and realized it was a new hideous led street light the city installed. WHY? We HAD a nice quaint neighborhood where you could sleep in your house without blacking windows out. We do not have traffic other than the neighbors so no good reason for these at all. These are proven to NOT be good for people. My goodness there's a reason nature gives us day and night - not 24 hours of daytime. Increased bugs now, and seriously we will now need to black out all windows in order to sleep. Ridiculous and proven to not be good for people, in fact other cities are now starting to remove them. Please be one of them.

SW Rec Complex is over utilized and the golf course is under utilized. Consider reusing golf course as new or added recreation center. We could have a longer trail and other outdoor recreation amenities at the golf course. The portion of golf course fronting Ulmerton could be sold for commercial development to fund the project

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James OGara almost 2 years ago

sponsored by the city, paint murals on walls in public spaces.
set up a volunteer panel to vet art and artists. private property? get permission from owner. public property? much easier.

artists contribute time? materials paid for by - donations? public finds? grants? other?

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Chad C over 2 years ago

First let me say that I do not work for Google or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries in anyway.

In this day and age we all know that internet is used for both business and entertainment. We also know what kind of grip cable companies have on us as residents in Pinellas County, i.e. Frontier Communications, Bright House, WOW, Sattelite TV, etc.

Why don't we bring in Google Fiber? They are currently talking to Tampa leaders right now and it is a great opportunity for us as one of the "Flagship" cities.

Additionally, this will add a competitor in our market and be a factor in helping us save money as consumers, possibly even create jobs if they require offices here.

I for one love having FiOS but let me tell you that the existing cable companies are gouging us. Google fiber offers 1000 mbps internet for $70 bucks a month...i pay $56 for 75 mpbs.

The residents and businesses will benefit from this in many other ways...please share to help make a change.

Link to this resource: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Fiber

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I was thinking, What about doing a Trunk sale there like they do in various locations...like half the parking lot for vendors and half for parking...you can just sell what you can fit in your vehicle...charge so much for each space....I just hate to see so much wasted space....could even donate some of the proceeds to various charities...

I would like to submit a thought that people adhere to some common sense, if that is possible, and limit setting off fire works at the seemingly appropriate times. Like the early evening of July fourth. I have always been of the idea that we had or have a decent noise ordinance which kicked in around ten or ten thirty. Evidently in this insane day and age anything goes. You get into the month of July and off go the nightly fireworks, before the fourth, during and for night after night. What's with these mental midgets that want to hear explosions night after night and the ones in government that allow it. They even condone the lying of people to sign papers to the effect that they have a license to blow things up. Just wondering out loud.