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Idea: paint murals

James OGara almost 2 years ago

sponsored by the city, paint murals on walls in public spaces. set up a volunteer panel to vet art and artists. private property? get permission from owner. public property? much easier.

artists contribute time? materials paid for by - donations? public finds? grants? other?

Recall the local officials who DO NOT listen to the people therefore do not uphold their Oath of Office, as in the case of the proposed zip line and the ones on the Largo City Commission as well as the Mayor who totally discounted what the people said. Stop asking for the citizens to be involved if your not going to listen to a word they say, but only listen to those who agree with has already been planned (and behind the citizen's backs). "Their voices in the end amounted to zip" http://www.wtsp.com/news/local/controversial-zip-line-course-passed-by-city-commissioners/314777948

I would like to see some of the alley's that are not paved and used by commercial vehicles (behind Class Appliance) paved and the roads that are not paved be paved.

How do I get speed bumps installed in my neighborhood. Especially near the bike trail exit to taylor lake park? People speed to fast and hitting a bicyclist is serious potential danger.

Harris Benner over 3 years ago

I'm very concerned about the fact that they do not have a crossing guard at the Eastbay Dr. & Seminole Blvd. for Largo high school students however the have one at small light in front of school and it is under construction so main foot traffic doesnt use that anymore during all construction my daughter rides her bike to school as that is the biggest and unsafe intersection with turn arrows. andyet they do have one there for Largo middle school about 8am

Idea: Traffic Flow

John Barney over 3 years ago

Please fix the light timing on East/West Bay Dr. It seems as though they are based on a camera system that judges volume, which I believe could be improved upon. In my morning commute I typically hit 7 of the 11 traffic lights from my house to 19 via East Bay. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes to do that 5 mile commute. Timing the lights would keep traffic flow moving and reduce fuel waste at all the red lights. Major city all over this country time their lights to keep the flow moving and it is very possible here. All in all, Largo is a great city to live in. Thank you.

largo resident over 3 years ago

Sometimes, creating a unique sense of place can be as simple as hanging a swing. Make waiting for the bus fun and family friendly by adding swings to Bus Stops. It's inexpensive and thoughtful ... Check out videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoOffpFAkpw & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDqbb0eHVXA

Kathy Snead over 3 years ago

Run public transportation along Indian Rocks Road as far north as 8th Ave or West Bay Dr.

Make elderly and handicapped less dependent upon cars and enjoy the excellent shopping centers safely.

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The angle and directions of the intersection of Indian Rocks Road and Wilcox need to be redirected. It is difficult to get on Indian Rocks Road from Wilcox, especially in the 'season' as the angles don't allow you to look down the roads properly. A redesign, which could be a roundabout, would be very appropriate at the location.