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Jacob Ofei about 1 year ago

I hate being at home whenever I try to make things like a video game in Alice2 or creating concept designs of products and electronics I want to one day make. The reason for this is because I alone in this. No one in my family would understand how it works. I don’t know many people that live near me that can understand my hobbies and build on them with me. I know that I’m not alone on this. Living in Largo for all of these years, I have seen people that want to make, create, and innovate. I think Largo needs a Makerspace aka Hackerspace. Youth and adults could all start projects like a robotics team, learn to program, or even just have fun playing videogames such as Overwatch together. A place where DIY and the arts could flourish. Music of all types may it be old school hand and instrument or drumpads and FLStudio. Content creators who can work together to make amazing films and YouTube videos. A place of education and fun. I think that’s what we need in this city to promote the arts and STEM concepts. I know that many places around town have some of these things like this, (Example: Largo Library IdeaLab) but I think have an individualized building for the Hackerspace would be amazing. A great example of this would be Tampa Hackerspace.

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