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A drive along Clearwater-Largo Road, between Belleair Road and West Bay, will reveal a lot about the squalid condition of downtown Largo. Frequent travelers will not only see prostitutes on the sidewalks and inebriated residents stumbling along, they will recognize the "regulars" who live nearby. A rather new addition to this pool of Largo regulars has been the chronic homeless. Since St. Petersburg chased them out, their numbers in Largo have swelled and the Police are doing little about it. Until the dilapidated mobile home parks along Clearwater-Largo Road are re-developed, downtown Largo will continue to be known as the place to go for drugs, a cheap room to rent and a "good time". It is quite discouraging.


The angle and directions of the intersection of Indian Rocks Road and Wilcox need to be redirected. It is difficult to get on Indian Rocks Road from Wilcox, especially in the 'season' as the angles don't allow you to look down the roads properly. A redesign, which could be a roundabout, would be very appropriate at the location.

Tom Henry over 3 years ago

This idea could enable the Largo Historical Society to further develop a very nice museum with exhibits describing the history of Largo. Merchants could be given an opportunity to support a specific exhibit, perhaps of general interest or pertinent to their business. In return for their support they would be given a plaque to display in their business, and a "window sign" so the public going past their would know of their support for Largo's History. The merchant would also have a rack for museum brochures. This idea would: 1. Show the merchant's pride to be doing business in Largo. 2. The "window sign" would give potential customers the incentive to support a merchant with pride their community. 3. It would enable the Historical Society to fund more exhibits at the "Old Feed Store". 4. This would also be another asset of the Largo community: Largo residents would bring their
out of town visitors. Largo merchants would benefit from their support of the museum. 5. Northern visitors would also have another amenity to draw them to Largo.

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Asha G, Communications & Marketing Specialist admin almost 4 years ago

This site is great! I'm excited to see how the City uses it and I hope it engages Largo residents!