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Idea: Hammocks

largo resident about 3 years ago

Place Hammocks throughout the park for relaxing. Add an outdoor roller rink, bocce and shuffleboard court. Have a day dedicated to flying kites, picnics and games.

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largo resident about 3 years ago

Create a professional level Skate Park and BMX track. Similar parks have reported a decrease in crime and positive economic impact. Families bring their children, stay for lunch, and shop at local businesses. This is an opportunity to promote contests, attract professional skaters and advertise the Active Largo culture.

Work with business owners and developers to build new store fronts that line the north side of 1st Ave. NW that face W. Bay Drive rather than lining W. Bay Drive. Once complete the new store fronts can be populated by the existing businesses. This will allow for much needed parking and create an area for Largo residence to congregate. Today this corridor is a pass thru for traffic and the limited parking is not conducive to supporting these business owners.

Downtown Largo should definitely be more pedestrian friendly. I also think there is an interest for it being golf cart friendly also. Considering how many people may not want to walk or drive but want to get to local spots more economically, safely, and leisurely. Residents and visitors would just need golf cart crossings and lanes as well as a safe access from surrounding neighborhoods (access that leads to downtown as well as Largo Central park.) Many cities in the bay area are already doing this and more will be following (ie. Dunedin, Pinellas Park)

Have a safe place where parents can take their teenagers and feel that their teens will be safe but will be able to socialize and have fun at the same time.

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The fire that destroyed the businesses in the early morning hours of July 5th left The Fireplace Restaurant, House of Shades, and Debbie's Hair and Salon with many displaced employees. I would like to see the community come together and help raise money through an event or donations to help the workers and owners. https://youtu.be/6J0nSBThs-Q

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By encouragement and incentives Largo has lead the way in the area for its recycling initiative, but it lacks in it's solar use. It baffles me that with all the sun we get down here that there are so few solar panels, especially on our public, parks, and city buildings. During a time of cut backs and financial struggle why is it that very little is being done to use a free over abundant energy source. Since Largo seems to be ahead of the curve in green initiatives in the county why don't we go all out and lead in the green energy saving field as well.

Jane Smith over 3 years ago

An open running track. Sidewalks are hard on shoes and knees. Or work with schools to open them after hours and weekends. I just want to run without worrying about dog walkers, strollers or cars. Nature trails present the issue of tree roots. We have so many parks with tennis courts, baseball/softball fields and basketball courts. Runners want love too! Try putting tennis courts in the middle instead of a football field. The cushioned surface of a real track would be so much better than our less than perfect sidewalks.

A continuous moving stream for families to float down together in rented inter-tubes. I sent video of water parks and Hotels with such a facility "Ride"

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Make elderly and handicapped less dependent upon cars and enjoy the excellent shopping centers safely.

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