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Taylor lake park needs some tlc. Install a splash pad for kids. Or a dog park

This and other areas are very dangerous for left turning residents due to the heavy traffic during the rush hour times.

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The soggy doggy day event is a great one and demonstrates there is very likely a market for it. I would pay $5 for an hour for my dog to go to such a place. It could have some tent shading for summertime and could mostly be shallow pools, sprinklers, and separate parts for big dogs (they could have a deeper pool) and little dogs. There are too many gators in the ponds around here for people to allow their water dogs to use them. Soggy Doggy Park could be a money maker!

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Something really has to be done with the jay walkers in the Largo area. I drive up and down East\West Bay and Roosevelt every day and see blatant jay walking. Some cross the street, in traffic, making traffic slow down, and there would be a crosswalk just a few feet away. I saw a woman just yesterday walking across the street to a bus stop. Crossing where there wasn't a crosswalk, making traffic stop. Several people honked their horns and she gave them a middle finger. Unacceptable. This is dangerous behavior. Not only for motorist but for the person committing the offense. I am asking that the Largo PD step up their efforts and get the word out that if someone does this, you're going to get busted. Before long, everyone will realize that Largo doesn't tolerate this behavior and most people will stop. Get the word out then back up those words with action. The reason people do it is because there isn't much enforcement so people know they can get away with it. You will always have those that don't care. But at this rate, any change is good. The issue is out of control. Every-single-day I see them. Needs to stop. I guarantee that someone will get hit and killed if this isn't controlled. A 17 year old girl died today because she thought it was OK to not use a crosswalk.

We have residents, some tenants, that have need of financial assistance towards the restoration of their homes and/or properties, especially in the way of retired persons mobile homes. Some of the people have become handicapped as the result of old age or serious car accidents, etc., that can no longer do the heavy lifting that property maintenance requires and no longer have the income necessary to hire others to do the work. The city has the equipment to facilitate property care and not at the outrageous, punitive prices that is assessed towards owners of neglected properties. In one case that I am trying to help out at the present, a lady used the last of her savings to purchase a small mobile home in a local MHP under the assumption that all it needed was some aesthetics. She was sold a lemon. She needs about $2500 in materials alone just to fix the cover-ups that the former owner used to cover up the damages and sell her the property. The trailer is borderline condemnable. This program is not for those who are obviously able to take care of themselves or make up for the shortcomings of their landlords. The program is to elevate the quality of life for the lower income residents, (exclusive of the freeloaders), and the overall aesthetic appearance of the city no matter where you go in it. Such a program would also elevate property values and protect home owner investments by not allowing neighborhoods to run down. It is an investment in community. Referrals could be made by social workers or contractors that stumble upon hardship cases or other Good Samaritans who become aware of somebody's hardships. Part of community policing is improving properties so as to discourage the inviting appearance of run down neighborhoods to the criminal elements of the community. Up kept properties entice community involvement and community pride and increase revenues for the community.

I feel for the local business that have to deal with the loss of patrons because no one wants to turn into mud puddle to enter. The wear and tare on the vehicles from the poor road conditions. I had to have my front end aligned 3 times this year. So before we embark on new adventures I'd like to see some completed. Ulmerton has been under construction since 2005.

Harris Benner about 3 years ago

I'm very concerned about the fact that they do not have a crossing guard at the Eastbay Dr. & Seminole Blvd. for Largo high school students however the have one at small light in front of school and it is under construction so main foot traffic doesnt use that anymore during all construction my daughter rides her bike to school as that is the biggest and unsafe intersection with turn arrows. andyet they do have one there for Largo middle school about 8am

Idea: Traffic Flow

John Barney about 3 years ago

Please fix the light timing on East/West Bay Dr. It seems as though they are based on a camera system that judges volume, which I believe could be improved upon. In my morning commute I typically hit 7 of the 11 traffic lights from my house to 19 via East Bay. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes to do that 5 mile commute. Timing the lights would keep traffic flow moving and reduce fuel waste at all the red lights. Major city all over this country time their lights to keep the flow moving and it is very possible here. All in all, Largo is a great city to live in. Thank you.


Compost whatever yard waste you can and return it to the earth as a healthy, organic fertilizer. You can also compost some household waste and save it from going to landfills. Investigate this fully so that you do it properly. Good composting practices saves you the cost of fertilizer. This also saves the city the cost of disposing of it. Everybody wins.

Paving Ulmerton Road and the new sidewalks.