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Elizabeth W over 1 year ago

I have been a long time resident of Largo. One thing I have noticed is that the city has been going downhill in its appearance each year. I live on 138th Street and would like to know if the concrete wall on the south side of 126th Ave as you drive in from Indian Rocks Road can be repaired and painted. We tried to sell our house twice and both times the comments to our realtor mentioned that driving onto our street they didn't like the filthy look of that wall. I think the city is just looking very dirty in areas that can be cleaned up. Thank you.

Recall the local officials who DO NOT listen to the people therefore do not uphold their Oath of Office, as in the case of the proposed zip line and the ones on the Largo City Commission as well as the Mayor who totally discounted what the people said. Stop asking for the citizens to be involved if your not going to listen to a word they say, but only listen to those who agree with has already been planned (and behind the citizen's backs). "Their voices in the end amounted to zip" http://www.wtsp.com/news/local/controversial-zip-line-course-passed-by-city-commissioners/314777948

I was thinking, What about doing a Trunk sale there like they do in various locations...like half the parking lot for vendors and half for parking...you can just sell what you can fit in your vehicle...charge so much for each space....I just hate to see so much wasted space....could even donate some of the proceeds to various charities...

Annie Bascomb almost 2 years ago

We need sidewalks, speed bumps, neighborhood watch signs, repaving of uneven pavement on 18th Avenue Southwest.

Fran Druyor almost 2 years ago

More Code Officers are needed. Neighborhoods are going downhill from lack of Code Enforcement.

I would like to submit a thought that people adhere to some common sense, if that is possible, and limit setting off fire works at the seemingly appropriate times. Like the early evening of July fourth. I have always been of the idea that we had or have a decent noise ordinance which kicked in around ten or ten thirty. Evidently in this insane day and age anything goes. You get into the month of July and off go the nightly fireworks, before the fourth, during and for night after night. What's with these mental midgets that want to hear explosions night after night and the ones in government that allow it. They even condone the lying of people to sign papers to the effect that they have a license to blow things up. Just wondering out loud.

I have noticed many pedestrians that walk and run along the streets when it’s dark outside are very hard to spot. I think one solution to make the situation safer is for the city of Largo to provide reflective safety vests for purchase at convenient locations, such as the recreation centers and city park events. The reflective vests can be purchased in bulk for under $3 and lower (at http://www.hivissupply.com/gss-safety-non-ansi-safety-vest.html), and could be sold for a bit more, in order to be affordable for all that need them. This could be advertised in multiple places, such as in city buildings, and on the city’s social media pages.

It appears we have a high concentration of sex-offenders, prostitutes, drug-users and alcoholics living in the old, dilapidated mobile home parks along and slightly behind Clw-Largo Road. Can the city offer incentives to redevelopment of these businesses somehow? Take a drive between 8th Ave. North and Rosery Road and count the prostitutes and drunks on any given day. Planting more flowers and installing better signage won't clean up the slums that exist in downtown Largo. Want to create a more vibrant, business-friendly and safe community? Get rid of the mobile home parks downtown.

Largos Redheaded Stepchild, Homeowner, Taxpayer and Fed Up Resident about 2 years ago

The magnitude of 50 mph+ speeders and cut through traffic on Adrian Avenue is beyond dangerous. We DO NOT see any extra patrols despite numerous requests from several residents. The obnoxious Boom Boom bass cars is downright a noise violation and after reading the statutes IS a reason to pull them over.

The "Stealth" radar which the PD will not tell us where is placed is overdue for another one, but at a different location than what they have been using. My neighbor and I have offered our properties which are in an appropriate location to place the device for an actual ACCURATE calculation of speed.

We have requested speed tables and were told there is no plan on installing any on Adrian Avenue or other nearby streets incurring the same issues. Enough is enough.

The street is pitch black at night, regardless of the LED bulb being installed on the one and only tree covered streetlight located about 6 houses down from our area. Without homeowner expensed lights on, it's literally pitch black. Walking is dangerous and overall given the number of break ins and burglaries.... DANGEROUS.

We've been asking for more streetlights and speed tables since 2011 and have been denied each time. The LPD has commented that streetlights are needed on Adrian Avenue. Perhaps the Commission, City Manager, and Engineers should take a ride down Adrian Ave on a Friday night, sit and stay a while to witness what happens on this Block. Only then will you see what you cannot seen to see.

The only thing I have encountered in SW Largo in the "City of Progress"; Progressing BACKWARDS. Crime is up, MVAs are up, open air drug deals continue and it's a drag strip at times. We need to see progress SOON. The city of Largo has treated SW Largo as a redheaded stepchild for too long.

Please put some kind of sound barrier up at the Highland Recreation Center Aquatic center, (or perhaps physically put the speakers lower on the poles) the sound from the speakers at the pool is extremely loud and the noise trajectory is directly at the neighboring "community" homes that live near-by. We have asked ever since the recreation center was built but still no one has addressed it. Even Largo Police have said something should be done. PLEASE address this issue. Thank you.