Recall the local officials who DO NOT listen to the people therefore do not uphold their Oath of Office, as in the case of the proposed zip line and the ones on the Largo City Commission as well as the Mayor who totally discounted what the people said. Stop asking for the citizens to be involved if your not going to listen to a word they say, but only listen to those who agree with has already been planned (and behind the citizen's backs). "Their voices in the end amounted to zip"

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Bret Shortridge 5 months ago

I was in the audience that night, and heard the entire conversation, and all sides. I do not particularly support or oppose this, Zip-lines are fun, and I see concern that a neighbor may have to the installation. I do firmly believe that people were allowed to speak, but I did not (and this is my opinion) see a great argument against it. Honestly these things are great outdoor ways to spend time together and work in a unit. I do respect the view of the original author of the discussions opposition, and appreciate the passion in her speaking her mind. Thanks