Got home tonight and thought a car had it's high beams pointed on our house, then looked and realized it was a new hideous led street light the city installed. WHY? We HAD a nice quaint neighborhood where you could sleep in your house without blacking windows out. We do not have traffic other than the neighbors so no good reason for these at all. These are proven to NOT be good for people. My goodness there's a reason nature gives us day and night - not 24 hours of daytime. Increased bugs now, and seriously we will now need to black out all windows in order to sleep. Ridiculous and proven to not be good for people, in fact other cities are now starting to remove them. Please be one of them.

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Barbara Scott 3 months ago

The latest hazard on the American Medical Association’s list causes insomnia, eye pain, reduced visibility, and disruption to the migration patterns of birds and turtles. What malicious entity hiding amongst us could cause such ill effects?