Something really has to be done with the jay walkers in the Largo area. I drive up and down East\West Bay and Roosevelt every day and see blatant jay walking. Some cross the street, in traffic, making traffic slow down, and there would be a crosswalk just a few feet away. I saw a woman just yesterday walking across the street to a bus stop. Crossing where there wasn't a crosswalk, making traffic stop. Several people honked their horns and she gave them a middle finger. Unacceptable. This is dangerous behavior. Not only for motorist but for the person committing the offense. I am asking that the Largo PD step up their efforts and get the word out that if someone does this, you're going to get busted. Before long, everyone will realize that Largo doesn't tolerate this behavior and most people will stop. Get the word out then back up those words with action. The reason people do it is because there isn't much enforcement so people know they can get away with it. You will always have those that don't care. But at this rate, any change is good. The issue is out of control. Every-single-day I see them. Needs to stop. I guarantee that someone will get hit and killed if this isn't controlled. A 17 year old girl died today because she thought it was OK to not use a crosswalk.

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Treble Hook 11 months ago

We'll think about the poor pedestrian. At least you're in an air conditioned vehicle. If you were walking out in the heat and had limited time, would you want to walk an extra 10 or 15 minutes to get to where you were going by walking blocks to an intersection just so you can walk on the other side of the road back to where you were going across the street from where you started.