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Please try to come up with some other solution for the recycling issue.
Last year you charged us more for another recycling truck because you annex properties that can't cover the cost. Now you are going to charge us more again for recycling pick up that in all honesty will mostly end up in a dump or incinerator. So one day garbage, one day "recycle" is plenty.

Practice new urbanism or traditional urbanism like in Winter Park, Florida, change zoning code to allow priority to pedestrians not cars and to allow to rebuilt the historic district. To allow a downtown to grow and attract tourism and everybody, to bring life back.

Tee intersection at 8th Ave and Indian Rocks Road. Drivers traveling west on 8th and turning right onto Indian Rocks Road heading toward Belleair. Stop running your red light.

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Stupid question, but since I live on 14th AVE SW, will Trotter be opened to 8th Ave. once that part of the project is complete

Got home tonight and thought a car had it's high beams pointed on our house, then looked and realized it was a new hideous led street light the city installed. WHY? We HAD a nice quaint neighborhood where you could sleep in your house without blacking windows out. We do not have traffic other than the neighbors so no good reason for these at all. These are proven to NOT be good for people. My goodness there's a reason nature gives us day and night - not 24 hours of daytime. Increased bugs now, and seriously we will now need to black out all windows in order to sleep. Ridiculous and proven to not be good for people, in fact other cities are now starting to remove them. Please be one of them.

Jacob Ofei about 1 year ago

I hate being at home whenever I try to make things like a video game in Alice2 or creating concept designs of products and electronics I want to one day make. The reason for this is because I alone in this. No one in my family would understand how it works. I don’t know many people that live near me that can understand my hobbies and build on them with me. I know that I’m not alone on this. Living in Largo for all of these years, I have seen people that want to make, create, and innovate. I think Largo needs a Makerspace aka Hackerspace. Youth and adults could all start projects like a robotics team, learn to program, or even just have fun playing videogames such as Overwatch together. A place where DIY and the arts could flourish. Music of all types may it be old school hand and instrument or drumpads and FLStudio. Content creators who can work together to make amazing films and YouTube videos. A place of education and fun. I think that’s what we need in this city to promote the arts and STEM concepts. I know that many places around town have some of these things like this, (Example: Largo Library IdeaLab) but I think have an individualized building for the Hackerspace would be amazing. A great example of this would be Tampa Hackerspace.

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Install speed bumps on Jackson St. and all the streets in Marsandra estates to stem the flow of traffic trying to avoid the construction soon to begin on Trotter Rd.. People already cut through this neighborhood on a daily basis, at speed approaching 50 mph. In order to keep the residents of this neighborhood safe,traffic and speeds will have to be addressed during this construction period. The last time we had construction at 8th ave and Trotter residents on Jackson St.had a hard time just getting out of their driveway. Please address this issue BEFORE you begin working on Trotter Rd . Thanks for reading.

SW Rec Complex is over utilized and the golf course is under utilized. Consider reusing golf course as new or added recreation center. We could have a longer trail and other outdoor recreation amenities at the golf course. The portion of golf course fronting Ulmerton could be sold for commercial development to fund the project

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Instead of separate bike lanes and sidewalks, consider one wider multi- use trail. Most of the family riders are using sidewalks to be safe. The sidewalks are too narrow though. A wider multi use path on one side of Indian Rocks Rd would be great

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I have noticed many pedestrians that walk and run along the streets when it’s dark outside are very hard to spot. I think one solution to make the situation safer is for the city of Largo to provide reflective safety vests for purchase at convenient locations, such as the recreation centers and city park events. The reflective vests is good and cheaper (at http://www.chinareflective.com), and could be sold for a bit more, in order to be affordable for all that need them. This could be advertised in multiple places, such as in city buildings, and on the city’s social media pages.

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