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Largo would like to encourage residents who are interested in having a cleanup event in 2017 to nominate their neighborhoods by entering their information in the box above. Be sure to share this page to get your neighbors to vote on your neighborhood!

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    I would like to nominate northwest Largo for a cleanup, especially the neighborhood located to the west of Bayhead Pond, including the park.

    We would like to develop a community spirit on our street. Some folks have difficulty pruning their trees. There is a palm tree growing in front of our Dead End sign, so drivers cannot read it. Perhaps we could organize a street-wide work day every couple of months to help each other with this.
    Many people could benefit from car pads adjacent to driveways. Let's build some. We could take an inventory of all of our neighbor's skills and help each other out. We may find that someone on our street can share their knowledge of landscaping. If not, maybe the city can send us an expert for a day.