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The Medical Arts District is located in the western portion of the West Bay Drive Community Redevelopment District and was created to reflect the economic importance of the medical sector as a community asset. The district is characterized by several major medical institutions, including Largo Medical Center, the Diagnostic Clinic and the Eye Institute of West Florida. The Community Redevelopment Agency has engaged a consultant to work with the property owners, the medical professionals and the nearby residents to create a Medical Arts District Conceptual Plan. The goal is to evaluate the district as a medical campus and identify future infrastructure needs to support continued development of medical and supporting land uses.

Attached is a conceptual graphic of the Medical Arts District with observations from the consultant. Please consider reviewing the attachment and participate in answering our questions.

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Attachment: Document - West Bay Drive Medical Arts District 2015 Opportunities and Constraints


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How would you describe the overall adequacy of parking in the Medical Arts District? Do you see any need or potential for enhanced assessibility for buses, bikes, and/or pedestrians? Do you see any need or potential for enhanced accessibility from the Pinellas Trail?

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How do you see the current identity of the Medical Arts District? Is there one? Could it be better? What means would you suggest to improve identity or branding for the district?

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Is there a need or potential for open space/natural features as part of the district? Is there a need for passive, shaded areas for employees and visitors?

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Is there a need for residential uses in the District? Is there a need for commercial uses in the district? (eg.: restuarant, bookstore, medical related supplies, equipment, pharmacy)

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Share any other thoughts you might have on the Medical Arts District preliminary opportunities/constraints graphic attached.

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