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Trotter Road is an important segment of the City’s Community Street Network and a north-south segment within the City's Southwest Urban Trail Corridor. The Trotter Road Community Street Improvements project is programmed for construction in FY 2017 and will provide improvements to the roadway and drainage facilities within the Trotter Road Right-of-way from 8th Avenue SW to Hillsdale Avenue. At the August 23, 2016 City Commission Work Session staff will provide the City Commission with an overview of the feedback from the Open House being held immediately prior to the meeting and public comment will be accepted. The City would like to hear your feedback and ideas for the Trotter Road project. Below are exhibits detailing each part of the project. We appreciate your input!

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The goal of the Trotter Road project is to create a Community Street  that provides a safe and efficient route from neighborhoods to local destinations. Traffic calming features such as traffic circles, landscaped medians, and textured pavement provide a method to reduce vehicular speeds and provide a safe environment for pedestrians and bicyclists. This exhibit presents Pre and Post Presentation of select locations where textured pavement, traffic circle, or gateway landscaping will be installed.

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