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Trotter Road is an important segment of the City’s Community Street Network and a north-south segment within the City's Southwest Urban Trail Corridor. The Trotter Road Community Street Improvements project is programmed for construction in FY 2017 and will provide improvements to the roadway and drainage facilities within the Trotter Road Right-of-way from 8th Avenue SW to Hillsdale Avenue. At the August 23, 2016 City Commission Work Session staff will provide the City Commission with an overview of the feedback from the Open House being held immediately prior to the meeting and public comment will be accepted. The City would like to hear your feedback and ideas for the Trotter Road project. Below are exhibits detailing each part of the project. We appreciate your input!

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The conveyance system along Trotter Road captures approximately 62 acres and outfalls directly into McKay Creek, an impaired water body. Enhancements to the undersized and failing drainage system will provide flood protect and improve water quality. This exhibit presents the contributing drainage basin discharging into MacKay Creek. The smaller colorful inset demonstrates the ground elevation and the direction of flow. The higher grounds are represented with orange followed with yellow, and green for the lowest elevations. The arrows indicate the direction of flow as Trotter Road is located in the middle of the basin and captures excess runoff from the east side of the basin. The proposed bioswales indicated in light blue lines and followed with the section view below, they capture the runoff for treatment purposes and will uptake the nutrients by the planted landscaping.

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