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Construction is ongoing along the entire length of the Trotter Road project (8th Avenue SW to Hillsdale Avenue) Monday through Friday, 7:00 am until 5:00 pm. Construction will continue for the next 16 months. Trotter Road will remain closed for the duration of the project. Please note this construction, and the intermittent shut-down of reclaimed water, will continue for the length of the project and we apologize for any inconveneience this may cause. Weekly construction updates are available on the City website and

Full road closures are in effect for:

* Trotter Road

* 10th Avenue SW

* 11th Avenue SW

* 12th Avenue SW

* 13th Avenue SW

* Adrian Avenue

* Hillsdale Avenue

* 17th Avenue SW

* 18th Avenue SW

Elyria Avenue, Nolan Avenue and Sunny Breeze are partially open (local traffic only). Questions can be directed to Rafal Cieslak or Barry Westmark at 727.587.6713.







Duke Energy Recent Power Outage:  Duke Energy is currently working in the Trotter Road construction area where approximately 1000 residents recently experienced a power outage. Duke Energy was contacted and was able to promptly restore power. Duke Energy will continue the utility relocation of its distribution system as part of the Trotter Road project. Residents in this area are advised to contact Duke Energy if they experience future power outages or disruptions.

Trotter Road Construction Project Important Update: The United States Postal Service (USPS) has installed locked resident mailboxes at the Southwest corner of Elyria Avenue and Trotter Road. Residents may pick up their keys at the 8th Avenue Post Office, NW corner of Seminole Boulevard and 8th Avenue SW, and present a valid ID to receive their key. The mailboxes will remain in that location for the duration of the construction project. The City worked with USPS to provide a mail delivery solution in lieu of residents having to drive to the Post Office. Questions regarding this update can be directed to Barry Westmark at 727.587.6713.

For the week of July 15, 2018: the contractor will continue construction along the entire length of the project. Please note: Intermittment shut-down of the reclaimed water line is possible until the project is complete. Roadway access is as follows:

Elyria Avenue is open to local traffic.

The following streets are fully closed:

   Trotter Road

• 10th Avenue SW

• 11th Avenue SW

• 12th Avenue SW

• 13th Avenue SW

• 14th Avenue S

• Adrian Avenue

• Wilson Avenue

The following streets have one lane closure:

• Sunny Breeze Avenue

• Hillsdale Avenue

• 17th Avenue SW

• 18th Avenue SW


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