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In support of Largo’s strategic focus on sustainability, Largo City Commission recently voted to approve an organizational commitment to achieving 100 percent renewable, zero-emission energy by 2035. Largo will explore ways to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiencies through technology, building upgrades and retrofits. Largo’s commitment also includes supporting a community-wide transition to 100 renewable energy through stakeholder engagement and encouraging benefits for the most vulnerable in our community.


As you provide input on how both the organization and our community can move towards 100% renewable energy, please consider the following sustainability goals:


·Largo's strategic focus areas of Community Pride, Sustainability, and Public Health & Safety

·Balancing social, financial and environmental benefits

·Equitable environmental benefits throughout the community

·Technologies and ideas that are not only right, but are the right fit for the organization or our community


The City of Largo as an organization has committed to transition to 100% renewable, zero emissions energy by 3035, including at least 50% by 2030. As we begin to develop strategies and explore various ways to achieve this goal please consider:


·Energy Reduction Strategies

·Technology Efficiencies

·Building Upgrades and Retrofits

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Bryan Beckman 4 months ago

Exciting to see the city set goals that save money and help the community be more sustainable. One idea is to have people in the community share their own stories about saving energy and money on the Largo website. It could generate excitement and allow people to learn from others.

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Kate Oyer, Communications Manager admin 4 months ago

We love a good success story! If you have any in mind send them along to

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