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The City of Largo is excited to announce a new job opening for a Community Outreach Coordinator. This individual will be responsible for developing and managing the City's Community Outreach program by working with your neighborhoods. As we search for the perfect candidate, we'd like to know your needs and interests for community outreach and how to better coordinate citizen participation and input. Please take a few minute to answer the topics below or submit your own idea. Please note: This discussion is not a job application and will be used for research purposes only. If you are interested in applying, please visit


In 2017, the City will offer several focus groups about specific topics. What topics do you think City decision makers need more community input on?

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The Community Outreach Coordinator will partner with community organizations in navigating City services to resolve concerns, while creating long-term positive relationships throughout our communities. What are the needs of your group or neighborhood to help assist navigating City services?

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What are the hot topics in your neighborhood or community? What information or support can the City provide to benefit your needs?

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