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Over the past year, residents have expressed interest in a variety of events they would like to attend. Events that enhance local art culture in Largo has been greatly voiced. On August 24th, the Recreation, Parks, and Art Department held a community input session with local artists and art advocates in order to define the upcoming March 31st event: Art in Largo Central Park. We welcome your input to the topics discussed.  Let's build the Art in Largo Central Park event together!

These are responses that came out of the input session: 

  * Inclusive: all forms of art should be included.

- Musicians set-up in areas around the event

- Interactive art (glass blowing, painting demonstration, etc...)

- Dance 

- Sculpture

- Art Bizarre

- Live Art

- Exquisite Arts

- Body Painting

- Group Mural (raffle it off at the end of the event?)

* In setting the scope, we should prioritize accessibility and diversity for attendants and artists

* Young artists should be given a section/reduced fees: “Student Section” of H.S. and College artists

- Suggestion: Tiered fees

- All H.S. student artists can be selected for the HS tent – free (selected by LHS art teacher)

- College students have a tent to be selected for – reduced fee (selected by Dean of SPC College of Fine Arts)

- Emerging Artists – must provide own tent – reduced fee

- Established Artist – must provide own tent 

What are your thoughts?

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