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Over the past year, residents have expressed interest in a variety of events they would like to attend. Events that enhance local art culture in Largo has been greatly voiced. On August 24th, the Recreation, Parks, and Art Department held a community input session with local artists and art advocates in order to define the upcoming March 31st event: Art in Largo Central Park. We welcome your input to the topics discussed.  Let's build the Art in Largo Central Park event together!

- Recognize local businesses helping the art community by sharing information about them through Facebook and the City website

- Feature an artist periodically through the City social medi

- More public art 

- Map out our current art stops: create a pamphlet with our attractions (support local businesses who host art) → Art Walk (could create a passport to art exhibits in Largo)

- Bigger art presence online → incentives to “check-in” to places that support local art

What are your thoughts?

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