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The City of Largo would like to thank neighbors of the 2nd St SW area for completing an initial road project questionnaire last summer.  The responses have helped guide the design of an upcoming road improvement project in the area and we would like to share those plans in person with interested neighbors.


We encourage you to come out and ask questions about sidewalks that will be installed and roads that will be repaved. Additionally, we will share information about a new and more convenient parking area for visitors to Dog Bone Park at Bayhead Action Park. The meeting will be held at the Pinellas County School Board's Discovery Room located at 305 4th Ave SW in Largo on Thursday, June 22, 2017, from 6pm to 7:30pm. 


We will be monitoring this discussion in the event that you cannot attend.


The project area is surrounded by multiple pedestrian destinations, including the downtown area, Bayhead Action Park, and Mildred Helms Elementary. The project area was surveyed and sidewalk gaps were identified.

Roadways without any existing sidewalk running primarily east to west between the above-mentioned pedestrian destinations were given top priority. Per the City-wide Sidewalk Master Plan, property owners along these roadways were petitioned by the City for the installation of new sidewalks. Only the 2nd Avenue SW roadway segment met the 50% threshold. A sidewalk is proposed to be installed along the south side of this roadway. In conjunction with the proposed sidewalk along the southern side of 2nd Avenue SW, shallow, grassed swales are proposed adjacent to the sidewalk to help provide storage and alleviate nuisance ponding during rain events.

A few smaller sidewalk gaps exist within the project area. A sidewalk is proposed to be installed at these locations to provide a continuous path between intersections. Additionally, sidewalk replacement is proposed in locations where the sidewalk is in poor condition. All curb ramps within the project area will be analyzed and upgraded, as needed, to meet current ADA standards.

Many of the roadways within this project area are part of the City of Largo’s Community Street Network, including 2nd Street SW, 4th Street SW, 4th Avenue SW and 5th Avenue SW. The City’s Strategic Plan identifies the need to establish a system of community streets to connect neighborhoods, parks, and civic attractions. Each of these streets already has at least a continuous sidewalk on one side. New sidewalk is proposed along these streets to achieve 100% sidewalk coverage per the City’s Multi-Modal Plan, with the exception of 4th Street SW. 4th Street SW was recently re‑constructed and has an eight-foot wide sidewalk on one side of the roadway. Additionally, shared lane markings will be installed along the segments of Community Streets within this project. Due to limited Right‑of‑Way at some locations where a sidewalk is proposed, Private Property Work Authorization agreements may be required to achieve standard driveway slopes.

Multiple speed studies were conducted by the Largo Police Department along 2nd Street SW, due to concerns of speeding. The results of all studies showed that the average 85th percentile is under the 30 MPH speed limit. Per the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy, this roadway currently does not meet the criteria for traffic calming.

City Engineering staff will be available to answer questions about the pavement treatment at the community meeting on Thursday, June 22 from 6pm to 7:30pm at the Pinellas County School Board Discovery Room located at 305 4th Ave SW in Largo.  This topic will be monitored if you cannot make the meeting. 


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