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Discussion: Murals For Largo


If you've driven down West Bay Drive recently, you may have noticed a new artistic addition. One local artist with a passion for painting is using buildings as her canvasses as she creates Murals For Largo. We'd like to hear from the community about your thoughts on the Downtown Murals and what murals you'd like to see in the future. 

(Photo credit: TampaBayTimes.com)


The Medical Arts District is located in the western portion of the West Bay Drive Community Redevelopment District and was created to reflect the economic importance of the medical sector as a community asset. The district is characterized by several major medical institutions, including Largo Medical Center, the Diagnostic Clinic and the Eye Institute of West Florida. The Community Redevelopment Agency has engaged a consultant to work with the property owners, the medical professionals and the nearby residents to create a Medical Arts District Conceptual Plan. The goal is to evaluate the district as a medical campus and identify future infrastructure needs to support continued development of medical and supporting land uses.

Attached is a conceptual graphic of the Medical Arts District with observations from the consultant. Please consider reviewing the attachment and participate in answering our questions.

Discussion: Community Engagement

What kind of community do you want to live in? What are your aspirations for the City of Largo? What will it take to reach our goals? What is standing in the way of achieving these goals? How can we start working together to move us forward as a community? What would give you hope that we are moving in the right direction?


The City is gearing up for a complete redesign of Largo.com. What do you want to see in our new website? An interactive events calendar? More photos? Easier ability to submit service requests? Mobile friendly capability? Let us know -- We want to hear from you!

At least a dozen special events are held in Largo Central Park each year. The programs offered through out the year are varied and include family events, 5k races, and holiday celebrations.  If you could plan an event that you want to go to, what would you plan? We would love to hear your ideas on the type of event you would want and specific activities you'd like to see.

Stepping into my role as City Manager, it is my responsibility to ensure that the right environment exists for Largo citizens to succeed, thrive and engage with their community. The best decisions can be made when everyone has the opportunity to participate in the decision making process. This is why I encourage you to share your thoughts, comments and ideas about your community.


The City of Largo has several different social media platforms for communicating with residents, including nine Facebook pages, two Twitter handles, two Nextdoor accounts, a YouTube channel, LinkedIn and a Recreation Instagram. Are you engaged with us via social media? We would like to hear your ideas on how to best connect with you.


Trotter Road is an important segment of the City’s Community Street Network and a north-south segment within the City's Southwest Urban Trail Corridor. The Trotter Road Community Street Improvements project is programmed for construction in FY 2017 and will provide improvements to the roadway and drainage facilities within the Trotter Road Right-of-way from 8th Avenue SW to Hillsdale Avenue. At the August 23, 2016 City Commission Work Session staff will provide the City Commission with an overview of the feedback from the Open House being held immediately prior to the meeting and public comment will be accepted. The City would like to hear your feedback and ideas for the Trotter Road project. Below are exhibits detailing each part of the project. We appreciate your input!

Read more about the Trotter Road Project


Did you know Largo Fire Rescue offers public safety outreach to help educate individuals on emergency prevention? We'd like to hear from you on which educational opportunities would be most beneficial for your community.

Comment on a topic below that your community or organization would like to learn more about or submit your own idea. Safety education is ideal for social events, expos, community meetings, group gatherings and more.


The City of Largo has just announced the “Largo, Our Hometown Photo Contest” opening Monday, August 29. This contest is for photographers of all ages and skill levels to showcase what they feel reflects all the beautiful aspects of Largo. For more information about the contest, visit largo.com/photocontest.


The City of Largo is excited to announce a new job opening for a Community Outreach Coordinator. This individual will be responsible for developing and managing the City's Community Outreach program by working with your neighborhoods. As we search for the perfect candidate, we'd like to know your needs and interests for community outreach and how to better coordinate citizen participation and input. Please take a few minute to answer the topics below or submit your own idea. Please note: This discussion is not a job application and will be used for research purposes only. If you are interested in applying, please visit largo.com/jobs


The West Bay Drive Trail Head project will improve connection points from areas adjacent to the Pinellas Trail, from Washington Avenue SW to 4th Avenue NW. The improvements will be made to beautify the trailhead with amenities, signage, landscaping and more. District Improvements will be made to infrastructure along community streets from Mehlenbacher Road to West Bay Drive between the Pinellas Trail and Clearwater Largo Road. Please submit your feedback and ideas in the topics below.


 The City of Largo proudly supports sustainability issues across the City, providing citizens with a healthy, dynamic environment for all generations. As the City develops its comprehensive Sustainability Plan, we welcome you to provide feedback on what sustainability means to you and how we can keep moving Largo forward. Comment on a topic below that you would like to learn more about or that is important to you. Group presentations on these topics are available for your work, school or organization.


The City of Largo would like to thank neighbors of the 2nd St SW area for completing an initial road project questionnaire last summer.  The responses have helped guide the design of an upcoming road improvement project in the area and we would like to share those plans in person with interested neighbors.


We encourage you to come out and ask questions about sidewalks that will be installed and roads that will be repaved. Additionally, we will share information about a new and more convenient parking area for visitors to Dog Bone Park at Bayhead Action Park. The meeting will be held at the Pinellas County School Board's Discovery Room located at 305 4th Ave SW in Largo on Thursday, June 22, 2017, from 6pm to 7:30pm. 


We will be monitoring this discussion in the event that you cannot attend.


Over the past year, residents have expressed interest in a variety of events they would like to attend. Events that enhance local art culture in Largo has been greatly voiced. On August 24th, the Recreation, Parks, and Art Department held a community input session with local artists and art advocates in order to define the upcoming March 31st event: Art in Largo Central Park. We welcome your input to the topics discussed.  Let's build the Art in Largo Central Park event together!

As part of the annual planning process for the City's Housing Division, we are collecting input from residents on community needs within Largo's neighborhoods. 

Federal and state funding managed by the Housing Division can be used for home improvements, helping people buy their first home, building affordable housing, sidewalk and infrastructure improvements, and services related to fair housing, homebuyer education, ending homelessness and more.

What types of projects/programs do you think are most important for use of these funds?

Are there certain neighborhoods that have a higher need for these types of investments?

If so, please tell us which neighborhoods.

The Housing Division will hold its Pre-Planning Public Hearing at the Community Development Advisory Board meeting on Monday, December 11, 2017 at 6:00 PM at Largo City Hall (201 Highland Avenue, Largo).  The public is invited to attend and provide input at the meeting.  Comments are welcome on this Discussion Board as well or you can email:  housing@largo.com.





In the Fall of 2016, Largo City Commission approved advancing the Downtown Plaza Enhancement Project. The proposed design concepts should all include a signature landmark feature along with hardscape and landscaping that aligns with the West Bay Drive Plan. All designs were developed with input from resident advisory boards, as well as members from the Largo Historical Society, Suncoast Performing Arts Foundation and the Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce

. Although construction is not funded until the fiscal year 2019, Largo Planners are inviting residents, businesses and visitors to provide input about the ideas below.

As you provide input please note the goals of the project below:
· Promotes the vision for an active and interconnected downtown
· Inspires community pride
· Provides an aesthetic improvement with ease of maintenance
· Coordinate with Largo's New Community Brand
· Introduce the ideas and concepts of Largo's Proposed Downtown Identity


In support of Largo’s strategic focus on sustainability, Largo City Commission recently voted to approve an organizational commitment to achieving 100 percent renewable, zero-emission energy by 2035. Largo will explore ways to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiencies through technology, building upgrades and retrofits. Largo’s commitment also includes supporting a community-wide transition to 100 renewable energy through stakeholder engagement and encouraging benefits for the most vulnerable in our community.


As you provide input on how both the organization and our community can move towards 100% renewable energy, please consider the following sustainability goals:


·Largo's strategic focus areas of Community Pride, Sustainability, and Public Health & Safety

·Balancing social, financial and environmental benefits

·Equitable environmental benefits throughout the community

·Technologies and ideas that are not only right, but are the right fit for the organization or our community


Construction is ongoing along the entire length of the Trotter Road project (8th Avenue SW to Hillsdale Avenue) Monday through Friday, 7:00 am until 5:00 pm. Construction is expected to be complete in July 2019. Trotter Road will remain closed for the duration of the project. Please note this construction, and the intermittent shut-down of reclaimed water, will continue for the length of the project and we apologize for any inconveneience this may cause. Construction updates are posted on the City website Largo.com and LoveLargoFL.com. Questions can be directed to Barry Westmark at 727.587.6713.